Atlanta Center for Medicine Company Logo Atlanta Center for Medicine is a Doctors Office in Decatur Georgia. We are now in our 4th decade as a primary care provider in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. With a combined 130 years of practice experience in the medical field, ACM Physicians are ACIM Board Certified and well regraded by our patients and collegues for Internal Medicine and Family Practice.

Atlanta Center for Medicine: a doctors office in decatur ga


Dr. Steven Anander is accepting new patients Atlanta Center for Medicine is honored to welcome Dr. Steven Anander to our Practice. Dr. Anander has been practicing medicine for the past 11 years in Decatur, GA at the Veteran Affairs Medical Center/ Emory School of Medicine. Board Certified in Internal Medicine since 2005.

Dr. Anander has distinguished himself caring for our nations Veterans as a Staff Physician at The VA Hospital, including nearly 5 years as Team Lead Physician/ Supervisor. In his academic life, Dr. Anander received his Undergraduate from UGA and a Doctoral in Medicine at the Medical College of GA, both Cum Laude. As a Practicing Physician, Dr. Anander is on the Honor Roll.


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